Vol 7, Issue 1 - Winter 2009


Thomas P. Scheck. "On Benedict XVI’S Jesus Of Nazareth Classics and Theology." 1-6.


Geoffrey Wainwright. "Gospel Hermeneutics in Joseph Ratzinger’s Jesus of Nazareth." 7-18.


Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap. "Pope Benedict XVI: A Biblical Portrayal of Jesus." 19-34.


William M. Wright IV. "A 'New Synthesis': Joseph Ratzinger’s Jesus of Nazareth." 241-270.


Michel René Barnes. "Irenaeus’s Trinitarian Theology." 67-106.


Leo J. Elders, S.V.D. "St. Thomas Aquinas on Education and Instruction." 107-124.


Thomas G. Guarino. "Contemporary Lessons from the Proslogion." 125-152.


Andrew Hofer, O.P. "Origen on the Ministry of God’s Word in the Homilies on Leviticus." 153-174.


Reinhard Hütter. "Eucharistic Adoration in the Personal Presence of Christ: Making Explicit the Mystery of Faith by Way of Metaphysical Contemplation." 175-216.


John F. X. Knasas. "Tolerance and the Indelibility of Natural Law." 217-240.


Thomas Joseph White, O.P. "How Barth Got Aquinas Wrong: A Reply to Archie J. Spencer on Causality and Christocentrism." 241-270.


Book Reviews, 271-294.

Christopher A. Franks

Thomas P. Harmon

Joseph W. Koterski, S.J.

Tracey Rowland

Susan Waldstein



Vol 7, Issue 2 - Spring 2009


Matthew Levering & Peter J. Leithart. "The Audacity of Abortion." 295-300.


John A. Cuddeback. "Law, Pinckaers, and the Definition of Christian Ethics." 301-326.


Fulvio Di Blasi. "Natural Law as Inclination to God." 327-360.


James M. Jacobs. "The Metaethical Inclusiveness of Natural Law Theory." 361-388.


Robert Barron. "From Correlation to Assimilation: A New Model for the Church-Culture Dialogue." 389-404.


Stespán Martin Filip, O.P. "Imago Repræsentativa Passionis Christi: St. Thomas Aquinas on the Essence of the Sacrifice of the Mass." 405-438.


Aaron Riches. "Being Good: Thomas Aquinas and Dionysian Causal Predication." 439-476.


Bruce D. Marshall. "Quasi in Figura: A Brief Reflection on Jewish Election, after Thomas Aquinas." 477-484.


Emmanuel Perrier, O.P. "The Election of Israel Today: Supersessionism, Post-supersessionism, and Fulfillment." 485-504.


Trent Pomplun. "Quasi in Figura: A Cosmological Reading of the Thomistic Phrase." 505-522.


Bruce D. Marshall. "Postscript and Prospect." 523-528.


Book Reviews, 529-546.

Grant Kaplan

Thomas P. Scheck

Lawrence J. Welch

J.L.A. West



Vol 7, Issue 3- Summer 2009


"Mourning for the Victims: An Open Letter." 547-548.


Michael S. Sherwin, O.P. "Eulogy for Fr. Servais Theodore Pinckaers, O.P." 549-553.




Guy Bedouelle, O.P. "Saint Francis of Assisi: A 'Grammar of Gratitude'." 555-561.


Romanus Cessario. "Saint Thomas Aquinas: 'The Apostle of Common Sense'." 563-568.


Aidan Nichols, O.P. "What Is Happening on the Intellectual Scene in England?" 569-577.




Matthew Cuddeback. "Thomas Aquinas on Divine Illumination and the Authority of the First Truth." 579-602.


Pierpaolo Donati. "The Common Good as a Relational Good." 603-624.


Daniel P. Maher. "Pope Benedict XVI on Faith and Reason." 625-652.


Kevin Rickert. "Wojtlya’s Personalistic Norm: A Thomistic Analysis." 653-678.


Mary Catherine Sommers. "Marriage Vows and 'Taking Up a New State'." 679-695.


Michael Waldstein. "Children as the Common Good of Marriage." 697-709.



William E. May. "The Cultural and Ecclesial Situation 1964 to 1967: Paving the Way for Dissent From Church Teaching on Contraception." 711-729.


Karol Wojtla, translated by William E. May. "The Anthropological Vision of Humanae Vitae." 731-750.



Book Reviews, 751-761.

David Burrell, C.S.C.

Dominic M. Langevin, O.P.

J.L.A. West



Vol 7, Issue 4 - Fall 2009


Richard Schenk, O.P. "Encomium to Robert Spaemann." 763-768.



Lawrence Dewan, O.P. "St. Thomas and Metaphysical Hierarchy." 769-780.


John Goyette. "St. Thomas on the Unity of Substantial Form." 781-790.


Russell Hittinger. "The Coherence of Catholic Social Doctrine." 791-838.


Reinhard Hütter. "Faith and Hope in Aquinas and Spe Salvi." 839-867.


Steven A. Long. "The Efficacy of God’s Sacramental Presence." 869-876.




David Braine. "The Church’s Teaching on the Virgin Mary." 877-970.


Manfred Hauke. "Mary’s Motherly Mediation in Christ." 941-972.


Boguslaw Kochaniewicz, O.P. "Marian Apparitions as a Locus Theologicus?" 973-985.


Book Reviews, 987-1000.

Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt

David W. Fagerberg

Paul Gondreau