Vol 3, Issue 1 - Winter 2005

Anthony A. Akinwale, O.P. "Conduct Your Affairs with Humility: Homily at St. Philip Neri Church, Waban, Massachusetts." 1-4.



Lauren Pristas. "The Collects at Sunday Mass: An Examination of the Revisions of Vatican II." 5-38.


J.L.A. West. "Nature, Specific Difference, and Degrees of Being: Metaphysical Background to Aquinas' Anti-Monophysite Arguments." 39-80.


Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco, O.P. "On Reshaping Skulls and Unintelligible Intentions." 81-100.


Steven A. Long. "Response to Jensen on the Moral Object." 101-108.


Book Symposium, 109-200.
Culture and the Thomist Tradition: After Vatican II by Tracey Rowland


1.) Cardinal Cajetan and His Critics
by Romanus Cessario, O.P.


2.) The Retrieval of Gaudium et Spes: A Comparison of Rowland and Balthasar
by Larry S. Chapp


3.) A Critique of Culture Showing How Faith and Reason Interact
by David B. Burrell, C.S.C.


4.) Nature is Normative for Culture
by Matthew L. Lamb


5.) Ther Perils of Push-a-Button Welanschauung
by Francesca Aran Murphy


Response to Burrell, Cessario, Chapp, Lamb, and Murphy
by Tracey Rowland


Book Reviews, 201-216.

Daniel A. Keating
Owen F. Cummings
Bernhard Blankenhorn, O.P.
Carmina Magnusen Chapp



Vol 3, Issue 2 - Spring 2005

Michele Schumacher. "Toward a Spirituality of Poverty." 217-230.

Stephen Brock. "The Physical Status of the Spiritual Soul in Thomas Aquinas." 231-258.

Andrew Hofer, O.P. "The Circumcision of the Lord: Saving Mystery after Modern Oblivion." 254-278.

Francis Martin. "The Psalms as a Particular Mode of Revelation." 279-294.


Thomas Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap. "Of Men and Angels." 295-306.


Richard Schenk, O.P. "From Providence to Grace: Thomas Aquinas and the Platonisms of the Mid Thirteenth Century." 307-320.


Michael Sherwin, O.P. "In What Straits They Suffered: St. Thomas’s Use of Aristotle to Transform Augustine’s Critique of Earthly Happiness." 321-334.


Lawrence Dewan, O.P. "On Anthony Kenny’s Aquinas and Being." 335-400.


Book Reviews. 401-428.
R. Trent Pomplun
Fulvio Di Blasi
Jennifer Clark
C. Kavin Rowe
Kevin White
Benoît-Dominique de la Soujeole, O.P.




Vol 3, Issue 3 - Summer 2005

Michael Dauphinais & Matthew Levering. "Introduction." 429-436.

Anthony A. Akinwale, O.P. "The Seed of Eternity Rebels against Death: Homily at Mass Said for the Happy Repose of Pope John Paul II." 437-442.

Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. "John Paul II and the Renewal of Thomism." 443-458.


Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt. "Incarnation, Redemption, and the Character of God." 459-472.


Charles Morerod, O.P. "John Paul II’s Ecclesiology and St.Thomas Aquinas." 473-502.


Guy Mansini, O.S.B. "Mercy 'Twice Blest'." 503-528.


Robert Barron. "The Christian Humanism of Karol Wojtyla and Thomas Aquinas." 529-542.


Michael Sherwin, O.P. "Theology of Truth and Freedom: A Dissident Phenomenology in a Thomistic Anthropology." 543-568.

Michael Waldstein. "The Common Good in St. Thomas and John Paul II." 569-578.


Reinhard Hütter. "Intellect and Will in the Encyclical Fides et Ratio and in Thomas Aquinas." 579-602.


Thomas Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap. "Faith and Reason: John Paul and Aquinas." 603-614.


Fergus Kerr, O.P. "Fides et Ratio, Analytic Philosophy, and Metaphysics of Goodness." 615-636.


Matthew Levering. "John Paul II and Aquinas on the Eucharist." 637-660.


Vol 3, Issue 4 - Fall 2005

Anthony A. Akinwale, O.P. "Dignity, Diversity, and Complementarity: The Lay Faithful in the Ecclesiology of Pope John Paul II." 651-672.

Rev. Jonathan Gaspar & Romanus Cessario, O.P. "'Worthy of the Temple': Liturgical Music and Theological Faith." 673-688.

Basil Cole, O.P. "Is the Moral Species of Craniotomy a Direct Killing or a Saving of Life?" 689-702.

Steven Dunn. "The Eucharistic Context of 'The Breaking of the Bread' in Luke-Acts: A Catholic View." 703-718.

James Carlson. "Known in the Breaking of Bread: A Protestant View." 719-736.


Michael A. Hoonhout. "Thomas Aquinas and the Need for a Contemporary Theological Cosmology." 737-760.


Stephen Loughlin. "Tristitia et Dolor: Does Aquinas Have a Robust Understanding of Depression?" 761-784.


F. Stan Parmisano, O.P. "Spousal Love in the Medieval Rite of Marriage." 785-806.


Gregory P. Rocca, O.P. "The 'Dark Knowledge of God' and Our Worship of the Divine Mystery." 807-824.


Pamela Jackson. "The Baptismal Catechumenate as Model for Catechesis." 825-846.